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Daigo Umehara’s Anti-Karin Strategy


Again, this is not meant to be a complete essay/article. Just scattered notes that Daigo went into full detail on BeasTV stream. Still some good points that can help you if you’re struggling.

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Sorry, I quickly put these together last night; I’ll go into more detail on the stream. Anyway, just like we did with the Nash matchup, the first thing we need to do in order to develop a strategy is to confirm each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ryu’s Advantages
-Meterless Reversal

Karin’s Advantages
-Fast Walk Speed
-Damage From Midrange is High
-Long Reach on her Normals

Even at close range, Karin has the advantage in damage output, so you may have the first impression that she wins at close range as well, but if you take into account the difference in health totals, there’s actually not that much of a difference in attack power. On the other hand, since Ryu has a DP, you can even say that he has the advantage at close range.

Basically, because of Karin’s advantage at midrange, the ranges Ryu wants to fight at is either outside of her normal range where you can attack with fireballs or at close range. However, if you continue to stay in fireball range then you will gradually get pushed to the corner where a real damage gap will be born, so ideally you want to fight Karin at close range.

As for getting close to Karin, Jump and Dash are good tools, but you should avoid walking. The reason why is that in addition to her longer range and faster walkspeed, there is a damage gap at mid-range, so if you attempt to approach by walking then you are playing to all of her advantages. By Jumping and Dashing, you can take away her strengths. Actually, it’s rather difficult for Karin to deal with jumping since she does not have a meterless DP.

In order for Karin to deal with jumps without spending meter, she must either walk forward to go under the jump or walk backwards to Anti-Air with normal attacks. Using fireballs is effective against both of these options, but the most beneficial tool here is sweep. Sweeping is the strongest move against walking opponents (Karin, Vega, etc.). Your opponent must be wary of your sweep which will cause them to stop walking and block low more often, which in turn gives you more chances to dash forward and stay on top of them.

About V-Gauge: Karin’s normals are very easy to confirm and V-reversal, so if you have meter then look to do so. On the other hand, at close range your fireballs and heavy attacks are also prone to being V-Reversal’d, so try not to use them. If you have full V-Gauge, then you sweep without any risk, so at this point your opponent should begin to become even more wary and sweep and begin blocking low more often. This is your chance to walk or dash forward.

When Karin has full V-Gauge, you need to watch out her Stand RH > V-Trigger cancel; however, since your projectile and jump are still effective, you just need to walk and dash forward less to deal with it.


Daigo Umehara “The 6 Main Skills of Fighting Game Players”



Just some old notes that Daigo wrote for his stream. Not meant to be a complete essay/article, he just wrote these down so he could expand more about them on his stream. Still has some interesting points!

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“First, I’d like to speak about my thoughts on the 6 Main Skills for Fighting Game Players. They are…

1) Execution
The ability to input commands quickly and correctly.

2) Discovery Power
The ability to discover strong moves and techniques.

3) Reactions
Not just simple reaction speed, but the ability to keep up in a fast paced game world. You could also call it Thought Speed.

4) Willpower
This is not so important in everyday matches…but in tournaments or other high pressure situations, this is extremely important.

5) Memory
The opposite of Willpower…this is not so important in tournaments or other short term situations. but in long sets or casuals this is very important for maintaining a positive win rate.

6) Power to Construct Strategies
In Fighting Games, this is generally the most important skill in order to win. If you can beat your opponent in this aspect, there is no way you should lose.

For this stream, I will explain how to construct a proper strategy. Discovery Power has become somewhat of a meaningless skill with the spread of the Internet since players cannot copyright techniques or strategies. As for Execution and Reaction, their importance depends on the game; for example, in SFV execution is not a very important skill at all. Finally, Memory and Willpower are skills that every individual already possesses, so they are difficult to teach over a stream. Therefore, the best skill for any player to focus on developing is the Power to Construct Strategies, so I would like to explain that now.

First, you must seek out the correct winning strategy. The more strategies you possess, the stronger each individual strategy becomes. For example…

STRATEGY #1– Sealing your opponent’s movements by saving your meter until you bring their health down to the point where they will die to a Super Combo.

[Good Points]
1) Even if you lose the round, you will have meter for the next round.
2) You lower the chances of your opponent activating V-Trigger twice in the same round.
3) You don’t have to deal with a “magic pixel” opponent.
4) Since you are only focusing on bringing your opponent down to a certain health threshold, this is an easy strategy that anyone can implement.

1) If you win using this strategy, you won’t have any meter for the next round.
2) Since you are saving your meter for the kill, your meter efficiency will be poor (because in this game you gain meter even if you are being hit).

STRATEGY #2– Carrying your opponent to the corner then winning with throw 50/50 mixups.

[Good Points]
1) Very meter efficient.
2) Easy to aim for dizzy.
3) There’s a chance to win without letting your opponent activate V-Trigger.

1) Since it’s easy to take damage while carrying your opponent to the corner, if you fail to carry them there or let them escape, you chances to win drastically drop.

STRATEGY #3– Use fireballs in neutral to bring down your opponent’s health, seal their offense, and win. The focus of this strategy is to not let yourself be cornered.

[Good Points]
1) You can easily observe the battle while executing this strategy, so you can safely adjust and succeed in this strategy even if it’s just for the short term.
2) You can easily switch to Strategy #1 while executing this tactic.

1) If you don’t win with Super (Strategy #1), then the odds of your opponent activating V-Trigger twice in the same round are high.
2) You are more likely to end up fighting a “magic pixel” opponent.
3) There is the risk that you may be cornered then quickly lose the round.

Now that you know some strategies, you need to choose the proper one based on your opponent’s game plan. For example, against characters like Dhalsim and Nash, fighting them midscreen is difficult so you have no choice but to bring them to the corner (assuming your opponent is playing the match properly). On the other hand, bringing characters like Mika and Cammy to the corner is difficult, so you have no choice but to use Strategy #3.

After you select a strategy, you need to think about how to make that strategy succeed. How can I successfully bring my opponent to the corner? How can I successfully prevent myself from being cornered? The important thing here is that once you decide on a strategy, you need to stop focusing on doing immediate damage and instead focusing on succeeding in the strategy. For example, if you choose Strategy #2 (Corner Carry), you cannot use your Heavy Tatsu (because you will switch places with your opponent) and even if you are in range for a Shoryuken combo, you must sacrifice damage and use Medium Tatsu (for corner carry). Don’t think about opening up your opponent in neutral, just focus on making them block and bringing them to the corner. Once you have them in the corner, that’s when you focus on breaking their guard and winning.

If you choose Strategy #1, even if you have the opportunity to land your Super Combo, you should not use it unless it is going to kill.”

(End of notes. Check the stream for the more conclusive ending.)