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Arcade Write-Up #1: Comtech Tower

Going to use this blog to post up information/directions on Arcades across Japan. It’s easy to go to Akihabara, wander around, and find 5 Arcades; but what do you do if you’re traveling outside of Tokyo? I’ll write about Arcade Culture in different posts, these Write-Up’s will be mainly for info. And to start….


Comtech Tower (Nagoya Station) While not the biggest or most famous arcade, this has been my “Home Ground” for 2 years! It’s an 8 story building surrounded by Pachinko Parlors and Restaurants. It’s only 5 Minutes from Nagoya Station, so this arcade stays crowded a little later than other places since it’s easy for players to catch the last train home. The level of play varies, but it’s generally considered one of the High/Mid-High level places in the city for SF4/Nesica Games. So if you ever find yourself in Nagoya (why are you here?) this is a good/convenient place to stop by.

The Fighting Game section is on the 4th Floor. Setups as of 3/16/2013:


Gundam EXVS: 4

SF4AE: 2

TTT2: 2

Plus assorted smaller fighters.

DIRECTIONS: From Nagoya Station, Go out the Sakura-Dori Exit (by the Gold Clock), You will be facing a very tall building (Midland Square), Cross the street towards MLS, turn right and walk down to light, turn left and you will see Comtech on the corner.